SeriousFun Children's Network


Our Mission

Our philanthropy is SeriousFun Children's Network, founded by one of our own alumni Paul Newman. SeriousFun's mission is to provide a supportive and safe summer camp for children who have terminal illnesses.



For the past year, DKA has put on our very own escape room, our first official philanthropy event. It is an adventure game where the players are locked in a room full of clues that need to be decoded to find a way out within the given time. This escape room was specifically designed by our DKA members where friends and Berkeley students came to show their support and sign up as teams. All the funds generated by the Escape room went towards SeriousFun.



Hop Along Animal Rescue Volunteer Event

As a member of our fraternity, community service hours are required so that we are all encouraged to participate in meaningful service events within our community. One of the events was with Hopalong's Animal Shelter where some of our members went to make sure that all of the dogs had homes by the end of the day.



Berkeley Marathon 

This was a great group volunteer event that took place on our very own campus. Many members of our fraternity went to the marathon to cheer on the runners and hand out food and drinks throughout the event.


Our Gallery