Our Team

DKA Productions has an incredible Board of Members that strive to make quality film tailored to their client's desires. Undeniably passionate about film, each of these members bring in their own interests into the mix to help inject innovation and dynamic cultures into their professional environment. Check out what their aspirations are for themselves and their vision for DKA Productions. 


Kevin Wen-Kuan Huang

Kevin is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker. Born and raised in Taiwan, he is a third year double majoring in Cognitive Science and Sociology, and minoring in Education. An adventurer at heart, he often finds himself on the road less traveled - always curiously exploring new places and trying new things. Passionate in education research and social development, he hopes to further DKA Production by implementing effective filmmaking pedagogy ensuring sustainability, consistent quality production, and success for years to come.

- Business Chair / President


Vivian Li

Vivian is a Junior pursuing a simultaneous degree in Film Studies and Molecular Environmental Biology. She is from Singapore and is constantly hungry for adventure. Vivian is passionate about the intersection between film and science communication and is interested in the role of film in nature conservation efforts. Her goal as an account manager is to connect with clients on a personal level to create films that resonate with their audiences. Outside of DKA, Vivian is passionate about dance and biological research and is always excited to incorporate these into her love for film.

- Account Manager


Jessica Zhao

Jessica is an enthusiastic storyteller majoring in Media Studies with a minor in History. Her research focus over the years has concentrated on consumer behavior, historical intellectual movements, and the recursive influences of American high school culture and its depiction in film. She hopes to someday put together historically inspired films. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys playing field hockey, hiking, and reading Wikipedia articles. She is attempting to pick up origami (to very little avail).

- Account Manager


   Hannah Wheeler

Originally from North Carolina, Hannah decided to make the big move out west to pursue her passion for film and love of storytelling. Hannah is currently a Sophomore double majoring in Film and Media Studies. In the time between working on films and studying, Hannah enjoys going on hikes around Berkeley, exploring San Francisco, and FaceTiming her beloved bulldog and 4 younger brothers back home.

 - Internal Vice President


Roann Christine Pao

Roann is an adventurous, compassionate and curious media studies student finishing her last year at Cal. She loves throwing herself in new environments to discover what the world has to offer. She just finished her last semester studying abroad at Hong Kong University. Roann was originally born in Taiwan but grew up in New Jersey and California. She hopes to make impactful films that positively influence and shape people to become a better version of themselves.

- Account Manager

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.16.01 PM.png

Regina Pigsley

Regina believes that film is one of the strongest medium’s to change the world, and hopes to change the world in a positive way. Her goal is to connect people to one another, whether it be two neighbors, or two people from opposite sides of the globe. Regina is the former business chair/president of DKA Productions, and is now the president of DKA as a fraternity. Aside from film, she loves dabbling in martial arts, volleyball, dance (specifically hip hop and swing), and traveling.

- Advisor/Project Manager


Steve Reyes

Steve is a 4th year Environmental Earth Science Major with a passion for film production and a penchant for bad jokes. Never satisfied with just doing one thing, he hopes to eventually have worked in both environmental protection and the film industry.  When he’s not working or in class he can be found exploring, collecting rocks, or satisfying his addiction to British period dramas.

- Account Manager

Amber Harmon

Amber is an enthusiastic and open-minded artist, dedicated to using filmmaking to share inspiring stories with great people. She is a Film Studies major, in her last year at Cal. A self-proclaimed world traveler, Amber is counting down her next travels by spending her remaining time in Berkeley soaking up the rain and making stories of her own with the lovely people of the Bay.

- Project Manager


Paige Hornbaker

Paige is a fun-loving and optimistic member of DKA. Her passion for film has led her to major in film studies and join this incredible organization. Originally from Los Angeles, California, film has always been a part of her life, and she never plans to change that. She is excited to experience all aspects of the film industry and to find her true calling. When not at DKA, she is following her other passions for travel, adventure and indulging in all the beauties of life.

- Project Manager

Jay Veale

Jay is a fun-loving Orange County-ian in his junior year as a double major in Film and Political Economy. Although he misses the beach and his beloved pastime of golf, Jay has immersed himself in NorCal culture and hopes to work with corporate and creative types in equal measure. He takes any given opportunity to travel and explore, but also to binge Netflix all day whenever he can. He is always itching for a chat about politics or modern society.

- Treasurer


Quinn Hanschen

Quinn Hanschen is a rising senior transfer majoring in Film Studies. She’s interested in how New Media is quickly becoming a major cultural force in modern society, for better or for worse. Born in China but raised in the United States, Quinn is interested in exploring how her identity as a transracial adoptee shapes how she interacts with both Western and Eastern media. When she's not studying or working with DKA, Quinn can often be found eating.

- Project Manager


Dylan Medlock

Dylan is interested in everything related to music, and is majoring in film and cognitive science to help further a diverse understanding on the perception of and associations between sound and picture. He creates film scores for student shorts and documentary-style videos, writes and indulges in music journalism, and creates indie folk music under the moniker A Decent Being. He is also a fan of ASMR and hopes you ask him what that means since he loves explaining it to people.

- Project Manager

Zach Rondos

Zach is a fan of all art forms, specifically the intersection between dance and film.  Born in Australia, and raised in Philadelphia, he moved to New York City and furthered his training in dance at the Joffrey Ballet School and Broadway Dance Center.  He is now a sophomore at UC Berkeley, majoring in business and computer science.  When he is not in the library studying or in the studio dancing, Zach can be found sipping piña coladas and getting caught in the rain even though he is into yoga.

- Treasurer

Diane Lee

Diane is a rising junior who is a Media Studies major on the pre-law track with an interest in international relations. She hopes to travel to third world countries to change public health policies and improve women's rights because she strongly believes that life is too short to not give back. Diane genuinely has a love for life as she is young at heart. She would define herself as a wanderlust and an adrenaline junkie, who enjoys living life a little recklessly. She hopes to constantly live in spontaneity while maintaining an ambition for self growth and success.

- Project Manager

Karina Pauletti

Karina is completing her final year majoring in Political Science. She’s from Newport Beach, California and enjoys acting, stand up comedy, hiking and playing guitar in her free time. Our curious marketing chair loves traveling, meeting people and learning something new every single day. She hopes to one day make people laugh for a living.

- Marketing