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Bad Trip

 A shot story about Sage as the quest to find her identity drives her away from her best fiend Amber, and into the arms of the unhinged Marcus. 


Directed by Alec Steele
Screenplay by Alvaro Garcia Lecuona & Paul Ingram
Produced by Catherine Wallin
Staring Kara Chuang & Jeff Dean


The film centers around themes of addiction, theft and deception through the main character Carter Andrews. At the core of her identity are contending characteristics that blur her ability to make moral judgement calls. Carter decides to steal a sentimental item from her childhood with the help of Jason, hoping that it would fill in the void. The events that unfold leave us to question to true nature of the two addicts. 


Directed by Roann Pao
Screenplay by Melody Carey & Casey Currey-Wilson
Produced by Regina Pigsley
Starring Kalin Robbins & Robbie McInerny



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