Discover your passion

DKA is an extremely collaborative organization that strives to nurture the interests of its members into passions. Whether you have previous film experience or not, DKA provides you with the tools and workshops to gradually discover where your interests lie. You will not only be able to find a position that fits you best, but you will also be able to keep exploring other options and stepping outside your comfort zone to develop a diversified skill set. Define your own "DKA experience!"'

Develop your professional path

Guided by core values and purpose, DKA focuses on providing ethical leadership and professional development to its members throughout their time at UC Berkeley. In addition to our two large productions a semester that give our members real-world exposure, DKA holds internal workshops that focus on cinema literacy, smaller group productions where new members can jump right into leadership positions, and access to production projects by film majors who constantly look to DKA for crew and actors. Members also become part of our vast alumni network that spans across multiple occupations in the film and media industry. 

Diversify your film family

DKA's very own members pursue a broad range of academic disciplines and skills, each bringing a unique perspective that everyone can learn from. It is so inspiring to see a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and different majors come together to share their passion and watch it grow. DKA, above all, is your reliable and passionate film community, ready to support and accompany you on your film journey throughout college and beyond.